Track Record

Change Management:

  • FTSE 20
  • Designed & Delivered 2 Day Workshops as part of the Global Leadership Curriculum on Leading Change.
  • The programme covered Director and Senior Manager Level
  • Facilitated and delivered workshops in USA, South Africa, Lithuania, India, UK throughout 2014
  • Designed and ran train the trainer sessions to support the scale of roll-out across the whole organisation in 2014.

HR Strategic Consulting:

Organisation Design (2013/14):

  • FTSE 20
  • Consulted and designed an approach to Organisation Design to support major transformation sponsored by the HR Executive.
  • Delivered a series of workshops aimed at the development of HRD and HRBP level to partner with the business to effectively rollout a group-wide approach to Organisation Design.
  • Introduced a systems model to enable a congruent and aligned approach to organisation design.
  • Developed and refined a set of tools to support the overall approach to organisation design.
  • Integrated the change management requirements with the overall design approach.
  • The OD approach has been adopted as the standard across the organisation to facilitate organisation design as part of the major change and cost initiatives.

Organisation Design (2015/16):

  • Major FTSE 100 Utility Company
  • Sponsored by the Group HRD, undertake a high level “as-is” structure review
  • Worked aligned with the review of the top 40 leadership roles
  • Purpose of the review was to support the Group HRD influence and facilitate OD conversations at the Board level given impending “C” Suite Changes
  • A set of recommendations and next steps were proposed including taking no further action until the new Group CEO was in-situ.
  • Recommended to work with a Global German manufacturer as part of the M&A growth strategy.
  • Consult, advise and guide on Day 1 and future IPO readiness and organisation design approach (including risks associated with these types of projects).
  • Provide support, coaching and challenge to the CEO and HRD in terms of their strategic and operational thinking.
  • Facilitate organisation design to be fit for purpose as well as meeting future end state goals.
  • Support and provide input on the change management readiness, cultural integration and communication plans that are required to execute the overall plan.
  • Support and develop HRBP’s to take on more strategic roles as part of the enlarged business.

European HR Team (2015):

  • Working with a European based HR team as part of their strategic development journey.
  • Co-delivered a 2 day workshop on Change Management as part of an integrated HRBP development programme
  • Designed programme to include a suite of Resilience Tools to support them individually and their organisation as part of the change approach.

CEO & Executive Development:


  • Programme Director at the SchoolforCEOs for our two major programmes – “Vital Few and “Runway”.
  • Our purpose is to help prepare and develop executives to be more ready for the leadership roles ahead of them.
  • The programmes cover the broadest range of organisations, attracting Corporate & Commercial businesses, PE, Family, Not-for-Profit and Charitable companies.
  • The programmes are designed for individual leaders and integrated into leadership development strategies of these businesses.
  • Responsible for the ongoing development and improvements to maximise the value and learning for delegates.
  • Designed and developed with David Sole the 4 Dimensions Leadership Model and 5 Dimensions Management Model diagnostics to support our overall approach and point of view to developing CEO and future executive potential leaders.
  • Prepare our faculty for each programme covering Chairs, NEDs, CEOs and expert practitioners including HRDs and Executive Headhunters as apart of our Runway programme.
  • Follow up executive coaching to support delegates reflect and review their development plans.
  • Ongoing research and development including the design of a Leadership Series to deepen learning in some of the key areas we teach.
  • Source latest thinkers and best practice to maintain our relevance and value to our current and future delegates.

Transformation of IT Business (2015):

  • Major FTSE20
  • Consult and advise on building capability to integrate new skills into IT and the business to enable them to respond more rapidly to changing market and customer requirements.
  • Work alongside the technical experts to develop a facilitation approach to the technical experiential learning approach
  • Roll-out workshops and providing feedback coaching to the Subject Matter Experts as part of the Train the Trainer Programme.
  • Facilitated and supported teams in the UK and South Africa.

Talent Management (2015):

  • FTSE 20
  • Consult and advise the HR Talent Team on an overall approach to sponsorship role of senior leaders to be able to advocate and support the development of talent women as part of the talent strategy.
  • The aim the programme is to support both the sponsor and those women identified as talent work in partnership over a 12 month period.
  • Designed an approach and all the supporting materials to guide the purpose and process.
  • Designed a web-based approach for the training to be rolled out by the HRBP’s.
  • Pilot has been launched in India.