The Challenge of Change

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“The ability to adapt to change is fundamental to the success of individuals and businesses in the modern world. A reaction to change, be it physical or psychological, is perfectly normal.

We all react to change, we have a range of reactions, and we are all different. Some like change; they thrive on new ideas and challenges. Others don’t like change; those people thrive on stability and familiarity.

We all have to learn how to help ourselves and our colleagues understand the forces of change; and discovering how to utilise all reactions in a positive way will enable us to manage change effectively, allowing us to enrol others and minimise wasted time and effort while getting into action moving forward.

Change isn’t just good old ‘change’ any more. The level of uncertainty and chaos in life has increased. Time is getting shorter and shorter. It used to be we could expect change in fairly predictable time frames; there were births and deaths in the family, a mid-life crisis happened at forty, the occasional business failed. To an extent that is still the story and handling those issues of change, transition and transformation eventually pass and we get on with the next phase of our lives. But change is changing – we are caught up in the awareness that everything is not what it seems, events are happening too fast for us to keep up with. It is time to think further about how we perceive and measure change and make the most of our experience in this rapid, ever shifting context – there is much to be explored.”

Source: Executive Arts

June Boyle is a licensed practitioner of the Transition Tools


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